Savannah Gleim

By training, I am an Agricultural Economist, with a M.Sc.(2014) from the University of Saskatchewan. Currently, I am a Research Officer in the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, where I spend my time working on data, surveys, carrying out general research and editing. In addition to my research, I have the pleasure of communicating and getting to be creative about agriculture, sciences, innovation, and food through the blog, which I manage for my wonderful boss, Dr. Smyth. 


I am a number cruncher, problem solver, and whole picture thinker, that is probably why I jump at with glee for projects that involve transportation, logistics, and GIS! My other interests in research are supply chains and business development. But it's not all numbers and data. I think creativity and visual representation is an important piece of how we learn. If you're looking for assistance with graphic designs, marketing, or making maps, I would be happy to help. Visual representations are just as important as the numbers or words on a page, and I love helping bring a creative side to data. 

While I never thought my skill set would include web design, I have found it to be a fun creative outlook. I have experience in building pages through WordPress and Wix platforms, which both offer great services for different needs. If you would like to discuss setting up your own platform, I would be happy to consult you on the process, or set it up for you!

Never did I think growing up I would describe myself this way, but I have learned I am a bit of a story seeker. The reason I enjoy my job, the world of agriculture, and getting to work in different mediums, is that it allows me to both find the message or story that matters and then share it. I find some of the greatest joys of my work come when I can answer the basic questions of how, what, where, when, but most importantly why.  

If you are interested in learning more about me, my research, publications, maps or designs, please feel free to contact me or check out my LinkedIn page.


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