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SwG Strategies

SwG Strategies offers creative solutions and analytical strategies. Operated by Savannah Gleim, she offers personal consulting for hire in regards to: 

  • Webpage setup & design

  • Social media

  • Survey design

  • Data analysis & reporting - focus on agriculture and transportation 

  • Document editing & formatting

  • GIS solutions - VRP and map design

  • Or perhaps you need help with your marketing and graphics.

Learn more about ​Savannah Gleim.


Webpage setup & design

Wanting to get your business online, start a blog, or share your art? Whatever your webpage needs, SwG Strategies can help you to find the right platform to launch your new webpage and build a site that matches your vision. Offering services both through WordPress and Wix, we can help you set up a website that works for you, and either offer regular maintenance and management of the site or training as to how to do those yourself.

Social media

SwG Strategies offers consulting services in setting up new social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to help connect your brand. Need help in building an advertising platform on social media, SwG Strategies can help. In addition, we can work together to connect your social media analytics, so you can assess how your fairing in the world of social media.

Survey design

When it comes to getting the right information, it's all about asking the right questions. Savannah can help you to design the right set of questions to help answer your research question. Or perhaps you are wanting a third-party to carry out the survey for you, no problem, that can be arranged.

Data analysis & reporting

Do you have a dataset that needs to be cleaned? Or perhaps you looking for a more in-depth analysis, Savannah would be happy to help with your analysis, carrying out research, or working on your required report. 

Document editing & formatting

SwG Strategies offers editing and formatting in Microsoft Word for all of your documents. Inquire if you are in need of a fresh set of eyes to review your grammar, citation, or overall arguments. Whether it is a short report or a thesis, SwG Strategies can offer you edits and feedback which will aid in your communications with your end audience.

Formatting can make or break a document, and change the opinion of your audience. The appearance of a document has a big impact, however, formatting and attention to detail are not for everyone. That's why SwG Strategies offers formatting services within Microsoft programs/documents and PDFs, to help their clients put forward the cleanest formatted documents it can.

GIS solutions

Savannah during her masters discovered the powers of geographic information systems (GIS) and how they can change the way we look at a problem or the world around us.


Whether you're looking to create a beautiful visual of where you have been in the world or would like to carry out a spatial analysis, Savannah would love to help. Contact Savannah to see if she can help create your geographic inquiries. 

Marketing help

Maybe you just need a little help building your marketing game. Need help with a graphic, building an audience, or just spreading the word? Savannah can help by looking at your social media accounts, but also showing you how you can share your message through digital and print newsletters. Sometimes we just need an outsider to help us get a clear view of what we are trying to say or show, and this is something Savannah is happy to do.

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